FIX NEO Ambassador

Thanks to FIX NEO for choosing me as ambassador of their products.

I started using the 2200 DX torch and it works great, images coming soon 😉


Grazie a FIX NEO per avermi scelto come ambasciatore per i loro prodotti.

Ho iniziato ad usare la torcia 2200 DX e funziano alla grande, a presto le immagini 😉

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Happy to be shortlisted at "SONY Worldphotography Awards" in the Natural World & Wildlife category.The photo shows a brown comber fish inside a trash bin abandoned on the seabed, covered in hundreds of yellow and red crinoids.An emblematic image of the resilience of our sea, in spite of everything.Photo taken in Rijeka at Marco Polo […]

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Il 18 Settembre sono stato ospite su Rai 3 alla trasmissione GEO. E' possibile rivedere il replay qui al minuto 26

Thanks to FIX NEO for choosing me as ambassador of their products...

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