Pietro has participated as underwater cameraman in productions for Fremantle media, Marco Polo Films, Lifegate and more:


Production house: Fremantle – Notorious
One of the greatest champions of all time is telling her unfiltered story in her upcoming Underwater. Whilst preparing for her last great challenge, chasing the fifth Olympic final, Federica Pellegrini retraces all the key moments of her life and her extraordinary career, overcoming defeats and personal issues and celebrating victories and public triumphs.


Production house: Marco Polo Films
A series by Mi-Yong Brehm, Almut Faass, Rosie Koch und Daniela Pulverer (5x52 Min)
The lakes of Italy’s far norht are known for their enchanting allure. The series ‚Jewels of the Alps‘ explres the five largest of them. Each film portrays one of the lakes, introducing us to a distinctive natural environment and to lcal peolpe cloesly connected with it. Five camera teams spent 150 days on locations capturing the stunning high-resolution images; helicopter footage gives a bird’s eye view of the remarkable features of this unique terrain

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